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What are potable water coatings?

Potable water coatings are solvent or water based coatings used in the water systems that carry our drinking water.  These systems include pipe, valves, elbows, fittings, and tanks.  

NSF/ANSI Standard 61 potable water coatings are tested and certified by NSF International to Standard 61 to be safe for contact with drinking water.  These certified coatings bear the NSF mark:

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These Centron® Pipe Coatings have been made by Ziegler Chemical & Mineral Corp. since 2003.  In 2009, they became available for sale by contacting Ziegler Chemical directly.

Sealkote® HF

Drion® FD-5

Dri-Seal HF

S-18 Thinner

S-20 Thinner

WB-6 Water Based Coating - Zero HAP's

Note: These coatings were previously produced by the Triple G Company

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