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Gilsonite Packaging

All grades of Gilsonite are available in various types of packaging:
                                          Bulk Truckload

One Ton Supersacks

25 kg. Plastic Bags

25 kg. Multi Wall Paper Bags

50 lb. Multi Wall Paper Bags

11 lb. Plastic Bags

10 lb. Plastic Bags

Truckload and LTL stocks are available for immediate shipment. Agents and warehouse stocks are located in principal cities throughout the world.

Distributor Locations:
        North America

South America


Africa, Asia, & Oceania

Paper bags are the most common form of packaging, but meltable plastic bags are gaining in popularity because of their convenience.   The plastic bags can be used to reduce the dust associated with the opening of the paper bags.  The whole bag can be introduced into a heated tank and dissolved without any packaging to discard.

Supersacks are reusable one ton bags suitable for high volume customers.

All packaged material can be palletized and shrink wrapped to meet individual customer needs.

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