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 In 1925, the Allied Asphalt and Mineral Corporation was formed by Mr. Gordon S. Ziegler, Mr. Garnet Lea, and a group of investors. Allied, at its plant in Dunellen, New Jersey, produced specialty compounds using animal and stearine pitches, asphalts, resins, and Gilsonite. Gilsonite became a major raw material for Allied. Gradually, through their own use and resale under the Gilsonite and North American Asphaltum tradenames, Allied became one of the largest users of Gilsonite in the world. 

In 1944, Mr. Ziegler left Allied Asphalt to start his own company, G.S. Ziegler & Co. The new company worked with our present plant in Piscataway, New Jersey to produce a line of products similar to that of Allied's. Over the next six years, Ziegler purchased the annual production of several small, independent Gilsonite companies for use in the plant and also acted as their exclusive sales representative. Within five years, business was so successful that Mr. Ziegler was able to purchase the plant in Piscataway. 

In 1948, the American Gilsonite Company (AGC) was formed as a joint venture of the Barber Corporation and Standard Oil Company of California, now Chevron. Mr. Ziegler recognized that it would be difficult for small, independent mining companies to compete with the much larger AGC on a quality and technology basis. Therefore, between 1949 and 1953, Ziegler purchased the assets of the three independent Gilsonite mining companies and combined their operations in Little Bonanza, Utah. Meanwhile, competition with Allied during this time was quite intense, but his commitment to delivering a quality product on short notice made the difference. Within 15 years Mr. Ziegler was able to win over most of Allied's customers and eventually purchase the remaining assets of Allied Asphalt. 

In 1962, Ziegler purchased the assets of the remaining independent mining company, Standard Gilsonite Company and created Ziegler Chemical & Mineral Corporation. Since that time, Ziegler and AGC have been the only serious sources of Gilsonite in the world. 

In 1981, the Allied Division of Ziegler Chemical underwent a major expansion to increase its capacity to produce specialty asphalts and cutbacks. 

In 1994, Ziegler Chemical’s Gilsonite mining operation became the world’s largest producer of Gilsonite with over a 50% market share.

In 2003, Ziegler Chemical began exclusive production of all Centron Potable Water pipe, tank, and valve coatings in our Piscataway, NJ factory.

In 2009, Ziegler Chemical completed our partnership with Centron, producing, selling, and invoicing all Centron NSF 61 coatings.

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